noiz viol8ion blog #513 – Crypto Coins

Right now people are voting with their dollars on the direction where the world is going. Currently with the amount of inflation going on, people are looking for noninflationary assets. People want something where the value increases. The value of crypto is not up to one person. The value of crypto is up to the people who hold it.

Some people compare the crypto craze with the tulip bulb craze. Other people compare crypto with the start of the internet and now the evolution of the internet. Crypto is a digital asset. Crypto will be an easy way to exchange value in the digital world.

It might be too early to tell who is going to win the race as the reserve currency. Some people say BTC is digital gold and Ethereum or Doge have more currency qualities. I think there is room right now for all of these technologies and protocols. This is just the beginning of an exciting new space.

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