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Blog #149 – Road Map to Happiness

You must commit to live your life in a beautiful state and you must reinforce this commitment constantly. You will be tested throughout life so you must remind yourself what you want. Your mind is not designed to make you happy. It is design to make you survive. Your quality of life and your happiness… Continue reading Blog #149 – Road Map to Happiness

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Blog #148 – Goals and Belief

What do you want? Write it down. Take the time to realize what you really want. iF you do not know what you want then how would you know how to get there. The more specific the more helpful and useful it will be to you. If it is money then exactly how much money… Continue reading Blog #148 – Goals and Belief

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Blog #147 – Gotta Risk it for the Biscuit

Put yourself out there and take risks. Nothing is going to come your way if you stay doing the same thing that you have always been doing. For things to change you have to change. Commit your all into progressing and improving yourself. The more you invest in yourself the better you will be for… Continue reading Blog #147 – Gotta Risk it for the Biscuit

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Blog #146 – Do it for yourself

Be one with yourself. Accept yourself for who you are. Forgive yourself for anything your holding on to. View everything as a learning experience. Take the time every morning to be grateful for who you are. Center you mind, body and spirit. Forgive those in your life may have wronged you. Thank them for teaching… Continue reading Blog #146 – Do it for yourself

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Blog #145 – The Answer is Love

If you love someone then love them for who they are. Do not try to change them or impose your ideals on them. Show them love. Tell them how they are making you feel. Ask them questions. Give to them unconditionally. If you truly love somebody you will love them for who they are.

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Blog #144 – Is Fear Holding you Back?

Fear is passion in disguise. The fear feeling is never going to go away no matter how many times you do something that feeling will always be there. Instead of letting this feeling slow you down and intimidate you, use the feeling as motivation. Use this as a sign to remind you of how much… Continue reading Blog #144 – Is Fear Holding you Back?

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Blog #143 – The Past is Easy and the Future is Hard

It is easy to reminisce in the past because it is tangible and has happened. It is easy for the mind to look back at the past. The past is full of many memories about relationships, family, hardships, friendships, and other moments. Think back at all the moments and if you made another decisions your… Continue reading Blog #143 – The Past is Easy and the Future is Hard

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Blog #142 – How do you decide?

The power of decisions is not like any other that you posses. In a single moment you have the power to change your life through a decision. A decision to keep doing something or to stop doing something will change the course of your life. If you are stuck in rut then you must make… Continue reading Blog #142 – How do you decide?

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Blog #141 – Know Yourself

Know your mind. Know what you are thinking. Know what you know. Know what you don't know. Know where you are at. Know how you got there. Know if its the beginning, middle or end. Know who you are becoming. Know you can get better. Know what it takes. Know to change your life you… Continue reading Blog #141 – Know Yourself

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Blog #140 – As Much Fun as Possible

You should be taking care of business and getting through your to do list everyday. Make it a habit to your top priority items done everyday. Sometimes you are not as motivated as you want to be or you just don't feel like doing the next thing on your list. You can either not do… Continue reading Blog #140 – As Much Fun as Possible