Blog #271 – Do you go to the Mental Gym?

How strong is your mind? Do you have control of you mind or does it control you? When you get into a stressful situation can you handle it or do you break down? If there is a conversation with your boss or partner that is heated, Do you get carried away in emotion or can… Continue reading Blog #271 – Do you go to the Mental Gym?


Blog #270 – Happiness is the Secret Sauce

If you are happy then you will think more clearly, be more productive, more creative, do better quality of work, enjoy your life more, make better decisions, focus on more meaningful tasks, improve the quality of your life and the lives of people around you. You must have self awareness and know what makes you… Continue reading Blog #270 – Happiness is the Secret Sauce


Blog #269 – Creativity Comes When you are out of Ideas

As soon as you think you have exhausted all of your resources. As soon as you think there is nothing else you can do. As soon as your back is up against the wall and there are no more options. This is when you are the most creative. You have tried all your ideas so… Continue reading Blog #269 – Creativity Comes When you are out of Ideas

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noiz viol8ion podcast #12 – Sandee Conroy, Singing Bowl Lady

Sandee Conroy the singing bowl lady graces us with her presence in this episode of noiz viol8ion podcast. Sandee explains how her business is operating during the pandemic. She also plays the bowls and explains the magic behind the bowl. Relax and let go of the stress during this episode Audio Video


Blog #268 – Brainstorming your Future

Are you questioning or have doubt about your future then brainstorm everything that you want to do, accomplish, make, travel, live, meet, and play. Dig deep into your mind and write down everything that you think you might be interested in. Do not limit your self to what you think is possible. Write down everything… Continue reading Blog #268 – Brainstorming your Future