noiz viol8ion blog #515 – Your Calling Card

When people think of you what do they think of?

First people need to know you before they can even think of something about you. Once you have an interaction and eventually a relationship with someone then you think of things about that person

Are you helpful or do you always need help? Are you grateful or always needy? Are you a contributor or a taker? Do you bring energy or suck away energy?

How you make someone feel is your calling card. This is your challenge to curate this feeling within someone. This is your brand.

Be a builder. Be of service. Be helpful. Be grateful.

noiz viol8ion blog #514 – Do What is Right

Doing what is right is not always doing what is easy.

Doing what is right is not always doing what feels the best.

Take your personal feelings out of the equation. It does not matter if you are scared or depressed or anxious. The only thing that matters is getting the result that you want.

Other people will judge you and your work. Work so hard that there judging where you were at. Get better everyday.

noiz viol8ion blog #513 – Crypto Coins

Right now people are voting with their dollars on the direction where the world is going. Currently with the amount of inflation going on, people are looking for noninflationary assets. People want something where the value increases. The value of crypto is not up to one person. The value of crypto is up to the people who hold it.

Some people compare the crypto craze with the tulip bulb craze. Other people compare crypto with the start of the internet and now the evolution of the internet. Crypto is a digital asset. Crypto will be an easy way to exchange value in the digital world.

It might be too early to tell who is going to win the race as the reserve currency. Some people say BTC is digital gold and Ethereum or Doge have more currency qualities. I think there is room right now for all of these technologies and protocols. This is just the beginning of an exciting new space.

noiz viol8ion blog #512 – Think Ahead

There is no way to tell for certain what the future will hold for you. There are ways you can predict and this is what you should do. Know what dangers lie ahead of you. Know what the worst that can happen. Once you know the dangers that lie ahead then plan for it. Be covered for the worst possible scenario so you are safe and secure. Knowing that you have planned ahead lets you proceed with confidence. You will not be able to plan for everything but don’t let anything take you out of the game.

noiz viol8ion blog #511 – The Person I want to Become

A person that can serve his fellow man.
A person that can enrich his community.
A person that will take massive action.
A person that will do whatever it takes to get the job done.
A person with no limits, no doubts, no fears.
A person who is resilient.

noiz viol8ion blog #510 – Falling into a Rut

Feeling Tired? Is everyday the same thing? Do you start but never finish? Do you never get what you want?

If any of these are you then it is time.
Time to let go.
Let go of your limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
Holding you back from reaching your full potential.

noiz viol8ion blog #509 – Growth is…

Growth can be painful. You may not even realized it but if you have been avoiding pain you have been avoiding growth. If things are not flowing your way its because you have been blocking these things from coming into your life. You have to grow into the person that deserves these things that you want. Stop blocking who you are meant to become. Stop putting the breaks on your life. Stop resisting and embrace growth.

noiz viol8ion blog #508 – Think vs. Know

There is a distinction between these two terms. If you think something then it might not be true. You could be guessing on what’s best without actually knowing. When you Know something you will be certain and take greater action. Stop guessing and stop thinking. Get to a point where you know exactly what is needed.

noiz viol8ion blog #507 – Charge More Money

If you are running a business then the price of your product is the price of the expectation of the product. There is a lot of competition in the marketplace but people understand that they get what they pay for. Knowing that you have the best product and service you should charge enough money to make the customer really appreciate it. If they go somewhere else they are not going to get the same experience and service. How much you charge is a reflection of how much you think your worth.

noiz viol8ion blog #506 – Person of Service

Where are you needed most?

It feels good to be needed and to be able to help someone in need. If you can solve people’s problem then you will be rewarded for this.

You must have the other person’s best interest in mind and know you are going to solve their problem. Go the extra mile when other’s will not.

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