Do Not Trust The Process

There are many processes and many of them are wrong or outdated.

In an office environment, I ask why we do things a certain way. The response I get is because it’s always been done that way. Every time I hear this answer it does not instill confidence in me.

For me to trust the process I want to hear about better results, minimizing risk and more effective.

You should not blindly trust the process. The process should earn your trust.

Practice More Patience

Getting caught up in the future can give you anxiety because there is a gap between where you are where you want to be.

We are always chasing a dream and looking for the next big score.

Practicing more patience means being grateful for what you have currently. It means accepting and sacrificing a little bit now for more later. It means bringing more awareness in the present so you can listen and respond better for what is to come.

Stop being in a rush because you might miss what is right in front of you.

One Day at a Time

When you are working on a bunch of projects that all have different deadlines, it is easy to get stressed or caught up in all that is going on. It feels like you are juggling 10 different things and you do not want to drop any of them.

When you look at your future calendar it can be overwhelming so break it down into months, weeks and days.

What is the most important thing you need to accomplish today?

Get Exposure

An artist creates art. This is the easy part for an artist.

Getting the art seen or heard by people is the hard part.

There is more competition and talent in being an artist than anything else. There is no barrier to entry so everyone can do it.

The question then is how can you create exposure? How can you stand out from the crowd and competition?

You must be outstanding! You must be different and be ready when your time comes.

Moments of Weakness

It’s not all the time and it is not everyday but there are moments when I feel weak.

I know it’s not true but self doubt and negativity creep into my mind.

When I feel this happening it reminds me to double down on gratitude. It remember all the things I am proud of and how far I’ve come.

These moments of weakness can be initiated by someone or something else. It doesn’t matter where it starts but be aware of the negative energy and get rid of it as soon as possible.

The Most Important Resource

If you are reading this then you still have your most valuable resource. The most valuable resource you have is time. As soon as you think you are out of time you become poor. I’ve heard many people will trade all the wealth they have for more time.

Knowing the value of time and how to value your time will bring more awareness on how you spend your time. When you think of time as a resource that is running out then you will want to spend it as wisely as you can.

Spend your time on experiences.

Spend your time on family.

Spend your time on serving others.

Spend your time on yourself.

Spend your time on doing things that make you happy, healthy, wealthy and love.

Here to Learn

I am always curious and want to learn more. The more I want to learn the more curious I become.

When I am curious I become better at what I am curious about. Each time I learn something I apply it to what I am doing to get a little bit better.

In my career I want to learn more about the industry, my company, my projects, my team and how to perform better in my position.

In my relationships I want to learn how to become a better listener, communicator and give the other person what they need.

In my finances I want to learn how to invest my money and have my money make more money for me. I want to learn about compounding interest and accounting.

In my health I want to learn how to increase my strength and energy. I want to learn to be mentally and physically strong.

I do not know all the answers so I am here to learn.

Self Motivated

Be self motivated.

All your motivation comes from within yourself.

If you do not have the motivation to do something then you will not do what it takes. You will not push yourself when it gets hard. You will quit at the first sign of adversity.

Motivation can be created and generated by you. There must be a reward for your hard work. There must be something good to focus on when its hard and difficult. When you’re depressed and in pain you must go through adversity to reach the heavens.

A Team Player

A team player sees the bigger picture and will do what is right for the team.

A team player will put themselves on the line when required. When they see a need they will fill it.

A team player provides value by any means necessary. If that means being put in a pressure situation or cheering from the sideline.

A team player is always supportive of their team members.

A team player is always ready. They take care of themselves first so they can do their job to the fullest.