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Blog #81 – The Real Family

Your family will be real with you. Your family will show you real love. They were there for you when you were broke and they will be there for you when its all over and you have nothing again. Don't forget where you came from. You are carrying on a family legacy. You share a… Continue reading Blog #81 – The Real Family

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Blog #80 – BAD is GOOD

Most of the time I like to avoid failure because it is painful. This avoidance to adversity traps me where I am at. I will refuse to take risks for the fear of the pain. I will refuse to start something new for the pain of being a beginner. Even though the experience of being… Continue reading Blog #80 – BAD is GOOD

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The one thing I find more inspiring than anything is nature. Nature has a way of putting me in awe. Everything is perfect in nature. The sunset is a beautiful mosaic masterpiece in the sky everyday. The colors are swirled around in an amazing fashion. The beauty of the sunset makes me feel like I… Continue reading Blog #79 – INSPIRATION for FREE

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Blog #78 – Your REALITY is WRONG

Imagine the whole world as if you were looking at it from outer space. Out of the entire globe how much have you actually seen? Maybe 1% of the entire world you have seen. This is the same for every situation that your are in. You do not see the whole picture. You only see… Continue reading Blog #78 – Your REALITY is WRONG

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Blog #77 – Building a Snowball of MOMENTUM

Start. Finish. Repeat. Follow all the way through with your actions. Go 100% and do not leave anything left. Do not let doubts or fears slow you down. There will always be some sort of resistance but the most important thing is to keep making progress. Good work habits and good decisions will make this… Continue reading Blog #77 – Building a Snowball of MOMENTUM

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Blog #76 – Flip a NEGATIVE

Bad things happen and will always happen. They happen even when it's not your fault. You can ask, "WHY ME?" or you can ask, "What good will come of this?" We do not always know what is best for us but we can always get the best out of every situation. Some things are completely… Continue reading Blog #76 – Flip a NEGATIVE

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Blog #75 – R-E-L-A-X

Enjoy the journey. Time moves faster and faster and before you know it your all out of it. Knowing this day is coming is very freeing because there is nothing you can do about it besides being grateful that it's not right now. You should do all you can to use your time wisely and… Continue reading Blog #75 – R-E-L-A-X

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No matter what the situation, product, content, or conversation. Your goal should be to add more value. Your presence must make things better than they currently are. The more value you add to other people's lives, the more value will be in your own. You should learn something new and improve upon yourself everyday because… Continue reading Blog #74 – ADDING VALUE

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Blog #73 – Hone your FOCUS

Watching TV, Video Games, Social Media, Emails, Internet, Movies, Notifications There are a lot of things out there that is begging for our attention. Each one gives a small amount of short term satisfaction. Marketing professional are trained on how to get your attention and how to keep your attention. They are laying traps and… Continue reading Blog #73 – Hone your FOCUS

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Blog #72 – How HUNGRY are you?

You may not have what you want because you don't need it. Your life is probably great already and what you want is not a necessity but just a want. You don't have to work because you are already comfortable with where you are at. The bills are paid for. Food is on the plate… Continue reading Blog #72 – How HUNGRY are you?