Do Not Trust The Process

There are many processes and many of them are wrong or outdated. In an office environment, I ask why we do things a certain way. The response I get is because it’s always been done that way. Every time I hear this answer it does not instill confidence in me. For me to trust theContinue reading “Do Not Trust The Process”

Practice More Patience

Getting caught up in the future can give you anxiety because there is a gap between where you are where you want to be. We are always chasing a dream and looking for the next big score. Practicing more patience means being grateful for what you have currently. It means accepting and sacrificing a littleContinue reading “Practice More Patience”

The Most Important Resource

If you are reading this then you still have your most valuable resource. The most valuable resource you have is time. As soon as you think you are out of time you become poor. I’ve heard many people will trade all the wealth they have for more time. Knowing the value of time and howContinue reading “The Most Important Resource”

Self Motivated

Be self motivated. All your motivation comes from within yourself. If you do not have the motivation to do something then you will not do what it takes. You will not push yourself when it gets hard. You will quit at the first sign of adversity. Motivation can be created and generated by you. ThereContinue reading “Self Motivated”