noiz viol8ion blog #703 – Are NFT’s the Future of Music?

This week Royal.IO @join_royal just changed the music industry forever. Royal gives artists a platform for fans to invest in their success. This means an artist can sell a digital asset, NFT, which can act like a smart contract between artists and their fans. This contract can be a percentage of royalties, tickets to a show or vip meetups. There are infinite offers that can be made. One of the first artist to take this leap of shared ownership is NAS. NAS offered 3 different tiers of NFT’s, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The Gold is 0.0133% streaming ownership royalties of his new song Rare, Platinum is 0.0658% streaming ownership royalties and Diamond is 1.5789% streaming. This sale raised $369k for NAS with a small percentage going to Royal. NAS already made is money but for the people who invested in these NFT’s need this song to be streamed million of times to make their money back. These change in the industry provides upside for both fans and artists. @royal.

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