noiz viol8ion blog #768 – Art of The Deal by Donald Trump, Lessons Learned

Here are my takeaways from Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal:

  1. Do Whatever It Takes. There will be many challenges in accomplishing something but if something is worth accomplishing then find a way to make it happen. Also by finding a way to make it happen without putting yourself at risk. If you need money then go get it. If you need an special expert then hire them. Do whatever it takes to get the job done and done right.
  2. Win No Matter What. Make a deal so even if it goes bad you still win. This might mean taking a smaller upside to eliminate risk and cap your downside.
  3. Fight For What You Believe In. If something doesn’t make sense then you do not have to live with it. Challenge the status quo because if you don’t then things will never change.

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