Blog #5 – Today is your last day…

If today is your last day what would you say?

How did you live your life?

What did you still want to do?

Who did you still want to meet?

Do you even know the answer to these questions? Or have you never asked yourself before.

The best way to start living is to confront yourself with your own mortality.  It is time to start living life the way you want to.  There is not a second to spare or a moment to waste.  Every bit of life should be put towards living to your fullest potential.   It is easy to get distracted in this busy world.  It is easy to get off course when doing so many things.  It is easy to lose hope when things do not work out.  It is easy to make bad decisions when peer pressured.  It is easy to not take action when you are fearful.

There many things keeping you from having the life of your dreams and that is why you must remind yourself everyday that no matter what the challenge or obstacle…


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