Blog #48 – Keep Raising the Bar

Do you keep any stats or metrics on things? Do you have any personal best records? What is your net worth? How many miles can you run? What is your perfect day? The only way to grow and get more is to raise your standards for what is acceptable. Then take the necessary action to… Continue reading Blog #48 – Keep Raising the Bar


Blog #47 – Check in and Begin again

Restart and do it again Come back to where you were at. When in the state of flow we are always going to get distracted. A thought will pop in your head or your phone will vibrate causing a chain reaction of distractions and wasted time. Sometimes the distractions are necessary but often times our… Continue reading Blog #47 – Check in and Begin again

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Blog #44 – Take the Pain Out

Often times the most painful thing is to start. To start playing an instrument. To start speaking a different language. To start writing a blog. To start working out. To start cooking at home more. To start being more vulnerable. To start saving money. To start your creative process. There is an unbelievable amount of… Continue reading Blog #44 – Take the Pain Out

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Blog #43 – We are Awesome!

“It is your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny.” Tony Robbins There is so much that goes on in our lives that we often become reactive to the conditions that life gives us. Unless something drastic happens most people are content to live just as they are. Even if they don't like… Continue reading Blog #43 – We are Awesome!

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Blog #39 – The Gut, The Heart, The Mind

There are many organs that people make decisions with. Each one has a unique feeling in your body telling you what the right decision is. Sometimes they fight with each other and you do not know which one to side with. We tend to side with one over and over again casting the others to… Continue reading Blog #39 – The Gut, The Heart, The Mind


Blog #38 – The Components of Change

Imagine being at the top of the Grand Canyon. Looking out and see the impressiveness of the Grand Canyon. The depth of the canyon is one of the largest in the world. The Grand Canyon did not appear out of no where. The Colorado River carves through the middle of the grand canyon. The water… Continue reading Blog #38 – The Components of Change

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Blog #35 – Start a wave!

Waves are caused by energy. There is a push on one side and a pull on the other. The most common type of wave is in the ocean. The wind blows the water causing friction with one side rising and the other falling. The stronger the wind, the greater the friction and the bigger the… Continue reading Blog #35 – Start a wave!

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Blog #33 – Noticing the Release

Life happens everyday and it keeps happening. More and more gets added to the to-do list causing more and more stress. Your calendar is full of fast approaching deadlines. Tension builds up throughout your body and you never realize it. Your jaw is clinched and the tongue is pressed up hard against the roof of… Continue reading Blog #33 – Noticing the Release

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Blog #32 – Priorities or nah

If you do not set your own priorities then someone else will do it for you. If you do not make yourself a priority then no one else will. Think of all your priorities. There are so many that it is hard to keep track of them all unless your write them down. Once they… Continue reading Blog #32 – Priorities or nah

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Blog #31 – My Hero’s Journey

The Hero's Journey is a analysis of all the stories ever told by Joseph Campbell. In these most famous stories there are characteristics that they all share. All of the stories are focused around one hero. This hero is living in his/her everyday life when all of a sudden there is a divine call to… Continue reading Blog #31 – My Hero’s Journey