Blog #4 – The Grind

The grind is a dangerous beast!

It must be handled with extreme caution and planned out carefully.  It takes precedent over how you feel and what you want.  It takes the thinking out of your day and allows for freedom or captivity.

The power of habits are incredible!


To me it feels like the destructive habits are easily formed and hard to break.  On the flip side the constructive habits are hard to form and easy to break.  Notice all your habits in your life.  What is your wake up routine? What is the first thing you do when you get to work?  What is the chain of events that happens when you come home?  How do you answer the phone?  What do you say when someone asks, “How are you?”  These are all opportunities to enhance our habits.  Once you understand the power of habits then the you must take action by placing good habits in your life.  We are creatures of habits and if you want a better life you need better habits.

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