Blog #7 – Motivation is a Myth!

MythMotivation is a mythical unicorn that does not exist.

If you are waiting for motivation then you will not be successful.  If you need motivation then your dreams are not big enough.

I know what it feels like to be tired or procrastinate.  I have spent many nights going down the YouTube rabbit hole when I needed to get “more important” things done.   I kept waiting for motivation and the more I waited the more I realized that it was never coming.  Maybe some people get a ray of light shining down on them or a burst of confidence and energy but that has not been my experience.  All of my creative work has been a battle.  A constant struggle from getting the project done and then another battle of sharing it.

To win this battle I have installed habits, structure, discipline and commitment.   I have taken complete responsibility for my life.

I feel better when I do not rely on motivation.

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