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Blog #135 – Stay Motivated!

Do whatever it takes to stay hungry and motivated. This is a tricky art and will require sacrifices. You will have to give up something, whether it be family, money, time, friends, or success. If you want to party every weekend you will have to give up time and money. If you want to be… Continue reading Blog #135 – Stay Motivated!

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Blog #68 – Remind me Why again.

To start anything you need a reason why. Why are you on a diet? Why do you workout? Why do you goto work? Why do you practice music? Why do you blog? Why are you in a relationship with that person There is a reason why you are doing the things you are doing. Chances… Continue reading Blog #68 – Remind me Why again.

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Blog #14 – What is your Perfect Day?

Would you know it if it happened? Do you have a target for what would be the perfect way to spend 24 hrs? There are 7 times a week or 356 times a year you can try to achieve that perfect day. We are creatures of habits so you are either getting closer to this… Continue reading Blog #14 – What is your Perfect Day?

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Blog #13 – Why so serious?

Things are not as big as I make them out to be. The goal is to have more fun and not take everything so serious. I have the best time when I am playing not when I am overthinking.  Tasks are more enjoyable and actually easier.  The output is better. Do not be scared to… Continue reading Blog #13 – Why so serious?

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Blog #12 – Repetition is the Key to Success

With repetition comes confidence. With repetition comes credibility. Repetition builds momentum.  With repetition something small compounds into something enormous. With repetition something amazing is built. Live everyday! Repeat the good things. Groundhog day

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Blog #10 – I want to be successful!

I want to be successful at everything I do.  I want to be the best at everything. I do not want to lose. I want to be the smartest. I want to win. I want to prove to myself that I can do it. When these things don't happen I get frustrated.  I get down… Continue reading Blog #10 – I want to be successful!

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Blog #7 – Motivation is a Myth!

Motivation is a mythical unicorn that does not exist. If you are waiting for motivation then you will not be successful.  If you need motivation then your dreams are not big enough. I know what it feels like to be tired or procrastinate.  I have spent many nights going down the YouTube rabbit hole when… Continue reading Blog #7 – Motivation is a Myth!