Blog #15 – The Journey is More Important than the Destination

We are all artists creating our life’s masterpiece. We have projects that we work on and usually the main goal we have is COMPLETING tasks We have to-do lists and we want to cross things off our to-do lists. Our goal is to FINISH something. When this is the goal. When we put all of our focus on the end. We lose sight of the present.

We end up always being in a hurry. We end up being full of anxiety.

When we finish the goal often we are not happy because we did not enjoy the process.

I propose that once you know the outcome you want to achieve change the goal to the HOW.

HOW are you going to get there?

When you focus on the How the questions change. You are now asking, How can I be happy and accomplish this? How can I complete this and enjoy it? How can I incorporate the people I care about?

With this shift of focus you are bringing yourself into the present moment.

The end is not the most important thing but how you get to the end.

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