noiz viol8ion blog #334 – Schedule Your Time or else…

Time is the most valuable asset you have. Most people know this yet are still so free with it. Some people have so much time that they even look for ways to kill time. So many people have unused time with nothing to do and no where to go so we distract ourselves. We turn to entertainment, social media or pick up our phone and scroll endlessly on our news feed. Time passes without us even noticing and we look up and the only thing accomplished is time has passed.

What if we treated time like the valuable asset that it is?

What if we spent our time on things that are just as valuable as time?

How would your life change if you made time you highest priority? How would you allocate your time? Who would you spend it with? What would you want to accomplish?

If you do not make the decision to prioritize your time then someone else will and you will willingly give away your time for less than it is worth. Use your calendar and block out time for your most important tasks.

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