noiz viol8ion blog #583 – Why I Write

I write for many reason. I want to be successful in my life. I want to have nice things like houses, cars, clothes and most importantly to help other. The more successful I become the more the more I will be able to help myself and others around me. Writing inspires me to read about successful people and ideas. It increases my curiosity and helps me learn how to be a better communicator. I am bettering my mindset by filling my mind with brilliant ideas. I have research tons about mindset and how to cultivate it.

I have learned from the greats like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Brenden Buchard, Tim Ferris, Lewis Howes, Tai Lopez, Gary Vaynerchuck, Gary Keller, Brene Borwn, Napolean Hill, Mike Monday, Grant Cardone, Seth Godi, Stephan Pressfield, Allen Watts, Eckert Tolle, Maxwell Maltz, Donald Trump, Guy Kiwosaki, Joseph Cambell, John Wooden, Tim Grover, Simon Sinek, Carol Dweek, Charles Gardinier. These people have made a huge impact in my life and one of the main themes that I saw in all of them is a philosophy of practice.

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