noiz viol8ion blog #785 – Remove the Want

I must remove the want from the future goals I set. Wanting is a desire, a yearning. It reminds me of things I do not have and makes me feel weak and lacking. If I want something then I do not have it and if I do not have something there is a reason. My mind will come up with all the reasons why I can’t have or why I don’t have currently. These reasons could be. I am not good enough. I do not have enough money. I am not handsome enough. I am not influential enough. I do not have enough help, friends, time.

All these outlandish excuses populate my mind and have the ability for me to believe them.

I must not fall to these excuses and instead be resourceful enough to use what I have to make the next actionable step. I must build from a point of strength not lack.

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