noiz viol8ion blog #787 – Politics is Ruthless

The Democrats vs The Republicans.

The battle goes back to before the USA was even formed and is part of the reason the USA was formed. The Boston Tea Party was about paying taxes without getting to vote.

People want a voice and to be heard. People want to put other people in power to do what is right or what they think is right.

It is always we are the good guys and they are the bad guys. In reality both sides have good guys and both sides have bad guys. When you do not kick out the bad guys then they whole system becomes corrupt. People can lose their way when it becomes about money, power and self interest. This is why we elect people to keep our own hands clean and our politicians do the dirty work.

It all comes down to making deals. Who can make the best deals? When neither side is willing to compromise then look out for war.

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