Blog #25 – Deadlines, a curse or blessing?

Whether self imposed or put on you by someone else, deadlines are a powerful thing.

I have always been a procrastinator. In school I would work on something right until the moment it was due. If I had a test then I would study the night before. Now that I’m in a real world job, most of what I do is in accordance to meeting deadlines. There is not a big change either. I am still working on something right until the deadline.

Deadlines have the ability to light a fire under people to get things done. Deadlines make people go crazy. Nice people turn into giant balls of stress. All that matters is meeting the deadline.

Even though the stress and craziness that occurs with deadlines. There is a strong power to get work done to meet these dates. They are great motivation.

Once they are passed and you have successfully met the deadline there is a great relief and reason to celebrate.

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