noiz viol8ion blog #389 – Being Fractal

Fractal means that something is the same infinitely small it is infinitely large. TWhen you understand fractals then it is easy to scale up as it is down. This is like a business and once McDonalds understands how to operate a single location that model can be duplicated across to an infinite number of locations.

noiz viol8ion blog #303 – Your Mess is Your Message

You may think what you are going through is your curse but in reality it is your blessing. The situation you are in is unique to you and many other people. If you make this your message then you will not only be helping yourself out but also the other unique people that are strugglingContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #303 – Your Mess is Your Message”

Blog #90 – Value Product

What are you offering?  To make money you have to be selling something.  You are selling you time, talents, knowledge, service, or product.  These are all things that you can sell.  Some of them costs the same amount of time but can be sold an infinite amount of times.  This is the fastest way toContinue reading “Blog #90 – Value Product”

Blog #35 – Start a wave!

Waves are caused by energy. There is a push on one side and a pull on the other. The most common type of wave is in the ocean. The wind blows the water causing friction with one side rising and the other falling. The stronger the wind, the greater the friction and the bigger theContinue reading “Blog #35 – Start a wave!”

Blog #33 – Noticing the Release

Life happens everyday and it keeps happening. More and more gets added to the to-do list causing more and more stress. Your calendar is full of fast approaching deadlines. Tension builds up throughout your body and you never realize it. Your jaw is clinched and the tongue is pressed up hard against the roof ofContinue reading “Blog #33 – Noticing the Release”

Blog #32 – Priorities or nah

If you do not set your own priorities then someone else will do it for you. If you do not make yourself a priority then no one else will. Think of all your priorities. There are so many that it is hard to keep track of them all unless your write them down. Once theyContinue reading “Blog #32 – Priorities or nah”

Blog #31 – My Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey is a analysis of all the stories ever told by Joseph Campbell. In these most famous stories there are characteristics that they all share. All of the stories are focused around one hero. This hero is living in his/her everyday life when all of a sudden there is a divine call toContinue reading “Blog #31 – My Hero’s Journey”

Blog #30 – Are you an Amateur or Professional?

You choose! Everyone starts out as an amateur but few people have the mindset to be a professional. Amateur and professional have two completely different mindsets. The amateur does it for fun. The amateur does it when they feel like it. The amateur is not consistent. The amateur will get around to it. The amateurContinue reading “Blog #30 – Are you an Amateur or Professional?”

Blog #29 – Stuck in Life?

The reason you are stuck is because you believe you are stuck. If you believe you are stuck then you are not willing to take the same action as if you where growing towards something. Everything you do should be in preparation for where you want to go and who you want to be. YouContinue reading “Blog #29 – Stuck in Life?”