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noiz viol8ion podcast #12 – Sandee Conroy, Singing Bowl Lady

Sandee Conroy the singing bowl lady graces us with her presence in this episode of noiz viol8ion podcast. Sandee explains how her business is operating during the pandemic. She also plays the bowls and explains the magic behind the bowl. Relax and let go of the stress during this episode Audio Video

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Blog #257 – Failure is the first step towards success

Stop waiting until you are ready. As soon as you are ready its already too late. No one learns by being successful at everything they do. The biggest lessons are learned from the biggest failures. It takes no courage to keep swinging if you win. The real courage comes from keeping on going after you… Continue reading Blog #257 – Failure is the first step towards success

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Blog #255 – Is this scarier than Dying?

Many people claim their biggest fear is public speaking. WHY? You will not die if you give a bad speech. There is no danger to your physical well being. The reason people are scared is because they are scared of what people will think about them. They think they will be judged and be disliked.… Continue reading Blog #255 – Is this scarier than Dying?

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Blog #254 – Accept your Fears

Fears are a chemical feedback in your body from a stimulus. It makes you feel and react a certain way. The way you react to this sensation in your body is up to you and can be trained. Fear was designed for a flight or fight response. Fear has kept the human race alive for… Continue reading Blog #254 – Accept your Fears

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Blog #244 – Finding Meaning and Purpose in what you do.

The beauty of life is that meaning and purpose are not given to you. You have to find them. It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.Epictetus We can not always control the results of what happens but we can control our actions and our reactions to the results.… Continue reading Blog #244 – Finding Meaning and Purpose in what you do.

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Blog #243 – Dopamine Kicks

Your brain is designed to be easily distracted. The first humans needed to be aware of a rustle in the bushes because it might be a tiger jumping out to eat them. This means when we are focused on our work any text, email, call can distract us from the task at hand. With smartphones… Continue reading Blog #243 – Dopamine Kicks

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Blog #242 – Are you on Autopilot

Most of what you do on a daily basis you are on autopilot. When you wake up, snooze (or not) your alarm, drink coffee, drive to work, park in the same spot, go to your desk, the way you say hello, the way you respond when someone asks, "How are you?" , driving home, getting… Continue reading Blog #242 – Are you on Autopilot