Blog #64 – The Golden Rule is Flawed!

Let people thrive by being themselves. Do not try to change people or tell them how they should be doing things. Everyone is different and will come up with a different way to do the same thing. It may not be the way you would do it but no one is like you.

Even the “Golden Rule” is flawed because everyone wants to be treated different and if someone treats us how we don’t want to be treated then we get upset. They may be treating us that way because it is a different culture or any number of reasons.

It is our own expectations that causes us discomfort. The expectations of what others should be doing. The expectations of how we should be treated. The expectations that you are owed something. The expectations of who people are.

Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole world changes in an instant.

Tony Robbins

With no expectations you leave nothing to chance. You become a leader and do things for yourself. You are not waiting around for other people to do things for you. With no expectations everything becomes a surprise and a blessing. Expectations are always a let down. Lower the bar and appreciate all the small things.

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