Blog #116 – Is there free will?

From the first moment you wake up and feel conscious there are thoughts that flood your head. There is also an infinite amount of thoughts that do not flood your mind.

How do you chose what thoughts to think and where do these thoughts come from?

These thoughts and ideas randomly come flowing to mind. They could be based off past experiences or current conditions. Wherever these thoughts come from doesn’t matter. They are just there. There is no conscious choice on what comes to mind. It just comes to mind.

With this in mind then are decisions are based off thoughts we do not have control over.

If we do not have control over our thoughts then we also have no control over our actions. We cannot act on something we don’t think of so we are locked in actions we do think of. Is this free will?

Do you like coffee or tea? Why do you prefer one over the other? Where does this preference comes from?

You are who you are. You like what you like. You have certain traits that make up your personality.

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