noiz viol8ion blog #310 – Be a Leader

If you want to do anything great then you can’t do it alone. You will need a team of great people around you. These are the people you are working for. They are not working for you. You are working for them.

It is always a two way communication flow. You are not delegating and giving order. You are listening and providing feedback.

You must be willing to do anything and everything that you are asking other people to do. Leadership is by example. If you want people to work hard then you must work twice as hard. Effort and quality are contagious so you must build the environment in which these grow. You are creating a culture with your energy, your vocabulary, metaphors, stories, people, actions, attire, food and growth.

Lead with confidence and certainty so you can give it to everyone else. Empower people to be better than they are and push them out of their comfort zone. Always moving forward.

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