noiz viol8ion blog #666 – Evil Life

There are things in the world and life that I wish were not there. I do things that I wish I did not do. I say things that I wish I could take back. I drive through the streets of my city and see things I wish were not there. This world, life, and me are all far from perfect. There are always going to be evil in this world and in me. There is a dark side that people do not like to acknowledge because bringing it to the forefront is uncomfortable. Admitting that I am not perfect can hurt. Admitting that I am capable of being evil is hard to believe. Everyone has these evil tendencies and capabilities. Being able to see them in yourself can hurt but also show you where not to go. People are two faced whether they know it your not. The more you know your two sides the easier it is to chose between living and Evil Life and a Good Life.

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