noiz viol8ion blog #465 – Focus on the Good

Let your loves and passion be released into the world. Focus on giving and share with the world. Look for the silver lining because without the negativity there would be no positivity. Be thankful for everything and turn something out of nothing. When the world is dark be the light. What kind of fingerprint doContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #465 – Focus on the Good”

Blog #189 – How to Guarantee a Good Life

People are mandated to goto elementary school, middle school and high school. No one is mandated to go to self school. By self school I mean learning about your self. Learning about how your mind and body operate. Practicing to work with your own personal uniqueness. Figuring out what your one of a kind strengthsContinue reading “Blog #189 – How to Guarantee a Good Life”