noiz viol8ion blog #572 – Stay True

Sacrifices must be made but there are certain things you should not sacrifice. Do not do things that will compromise yourself, your character or your reputation. Once you start making compromises then it becomes easier and easier to cut corners. You begin down a very slippery slope. Your happiness and self worth begin to becomeContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #572 – Stay True”

noiz viol8ion blog #416 – Developing Influence

Many times I am only focused on myself. How do I feel? What people are thinking of me? What am I doing? What are they doing for me? This world is to big to only think of myself. If I want to do anything significant I need to think about other people. I must thinkContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #416 – Developing Influence”

noiz viol8ion blog #380 – Know and Be Yourself

If you feel lost, depressed or on the wrong track it is probably because you have been ignoring yourself. You have ignored the habits you do everyday. You are not doing the things that serve you but are distracted by things serving other people. You are stuck in a rut because you have no visionContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #380 – Know and Be Yourself”

Blog #235 – Stay True to Yourself

I have a tendency to look at the competition and see what their doing. If they are doing something that is working then I should do it too right? Steal what works and leave the rest. Today people are compromising their values for followers. Monkey see monkey do. Is a race to the bottom. WhoContinue reading “Blog #235 – Stay True to Yourself”

Blog #213 – How to be sure of what you want

Practice communication between your body and your mind. Practice self awareness so you know yourself better than anything. Know what makes you happy. Know what turns you on. Know why things make you happy or sad. Know what you like and dislike. Dive deep within yourself to really find out what makes you tick.

Blog #189 – How to Guarantee a Good Life

People are mandated to goto elementary school, middle school and high school. No one is mandated to go to self school. By self school I mean learning about your self. Learning about how your mind and body operate. Practicing to work with your own personal uniqueness. Figuring out what your one of a kind strengthsContinue reading “Blog #189 – How to Guarantee a Good Life”

Blog#174 – “Who are you?”

You know better than anyone else who you are. You are always right when answering this question because your body and mind will make yourself right. If you say you are a procrastinator then you will procrastinate. If you say you are successful then you will succeed. If you say you are a loser youContinue reading “Blog#174 – “Who are you?””

Blog #110 – Only Real Recognize Real

Don’t do anything you do not believe in. Be the you that you want to become. Do not get caught up in the superficial lifestyles or worry about other people. The only thing you should focus on is becoming a better version of yourself. If you work hard and gain enough talent the you willContinue reading “Blog #110 – Only Real Recognize Real”