noiz viol8ion blog #672 – Compare Escape Velocities

Below is the formula for escape velocity. This is how fast you need to go to free yourself from where you are stuck at. There are two variables and a constant that you must know to calculate the velocity. The first variable is the gravitational constant. This could be a number of different constants like a problem, a living situation, or a career. If you switch companies you are still performing the same job. It’s not the people, not the pay, nor the location. These things are the second variable, the mass. The mass is all of these important things like who you work with, how much you get paid, where your office is, the perks you get. The last variable is how close you are to the mass if you are extremely close then use 1 or indifferent use 2 and don’t care at all use 3. Use the formula and calculate the escape velocity for your current career, your current relationship, your current problems. Compare velocities with of the same G (company, career, wealth, where to live, friends). The things with the highest velocity will require the most amount of energy to escape.

v_e= \sqrt {\frac {2GM}{r}}
v_e=escape velocity
G=universal gravitational constant
M=mass of the body to be escaped from
r=distance from the center of the mass

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