noiz viol8ion blog #686 – Happy Action

There are two ways to do things. The first is rushing trough things and not being present. This way mind wonders and the only thing it wants is it to be over. The best example for me would be doing laundry. I do not want to do the laundry so I try to finish it as fast as I can and often my mind is thinking about being somewhere else. I am not happy because I am doing laundry and I would rather be doing something I enjoy much more. This leads into the second way of doing things.

The second way to do things is to do them like something I enjoy. I am taking happy action because I actually enjoy what I am doing. I take my time and enjoy every second just like listening to my favorite song. I lose concept of time and it flies by. The key is to take Happy action all the time.

Time is the most precious gift so why waste any of it trying to rush through things. I want to be happy and enjoy all the time I have. I want to bring happiness to all areas of my life. Even to actions as mundane as doing laundry. I know I have to do chores but I don’t have to suffer doing them. I can bring presence to my life and always be taking happy action.

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