noiz viol8ion blog #810 – Two Things A Coach Needs To Balance

There is a push/pull, give/take a coach must employ to be effective. To do this,

The two things a coach needs to balance is:
1. Force
2. Empathy

Coaching is about getting all the potential you can out of someone. It is about the player reaching new levels they never thought was possible.

To coach and influence you yourself must have full belief that what you are asking/telling someone to do is doable. When someone has this unshakeable belief then FORCE is applied. This force can be in the form of practice or action that needs to be taken to get the desired result.

In the moment there are times to push it and times to rest. There are times to double down and there are times to change it up. There are times of strong confidence and there are times of doubt. Everyone has their strength’s and weakness’s. A good coach uses EMPATHY to know what tool to use and when.

Having a coach can be a faster way to reach your goals. Someone who has traveled the path you are trying to go down.

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