noiz viol8ion blog #825 – Happy Independence Day

I was born a citizen of the United States. I was born in a free country. I did nothing to earn this. I have to look back at history to remind myself what the generations before me did so I can live like I am today.

I have to remind myself of the risks that the first Americans took for a better life. To leave behind everything they’ve ever known.

I have to study the wars that were fought. I study the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Texas Revolution, World War I and II.

I have not have had to make the sacrifices that every generation before me has made. Because of this it is easy for me to take for granted.

We were given a gift and it is our job to keep making things better for the next generation. We have to remember how far we’ve come and look to where we want to go.

Today we celebrate our Independence! Tomorrow we fight to keep it!

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