noiz viol8ion blog #392 – Big or Little Picture

Do you know which one you are? You must start with the big picture and break it down into smaller ones. As soon as you fill out the big picture you will realize it just a small piece of an even bigger one. There will always be a gap from where you are to whereContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #392 – Big or Little Picture”

Blog #156 – You NEED these Characteristics to be GREAT

Determination – You must know what the outcome you wish to achieve is and not stopping until you reach it. Grit – It does not matter how many times you fail. Persistance – You must get back up on the horse until you have reached the outcome you wish to achieve. You never give upContinue reading “Blog #156 – You NEED these Characteristics to be GREAT”

Blog #115 – Do you have ASSiduity?

Most people don’t have it. Assiduity is the skill of sitting on your ass until you solve the problem at hand. Most people will get restless or bored with a difficult problem. Their mind will become distracted and they will focus on something else. The art of sitting in silence with nothing but your mindContinue reading “Blog #115 – Do you have ASSiduity?”

Blog #105 – Darkest Before Dawn

It is always the hardest before it gets easier. You are tested to see if you really want it. You are tested to see if you will keep going. You will want to give up. When you are struggling you must keep pushing forward. After you are stuck and feel like you’ve exhausted all yourContinue reading “Blog #105 – Darkest Before Dawn”