noiz viol8ion blog #507 – Charge More Money

If you are running a business then the price of your product is the price of the expectation of the product. There is a lot of competition in the marketplace but people understand that they get what they pay for. Knowing that you have the best product and service you should charge enough money toContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #507 – Charge More Money”

noiz viol8ion blog #506 – Person of Service

Where are you needed most? It feels good to be needed and to be able to help someone in need. If you can solve people’s problem then you will be rewarded for this. You must have the other person’s best interest in mind and know you are going to solve their problem. Go the extraContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #506 – Person of Service”

Blog #181 – Searching To Be Loved

I have a strong desire to be loved. I extend myself and go out of my way to do things for people so they will love me. I help strangers. I help family. I help friends. I want to feel significant in this world. I want to be outstanding. I treat others like I wantContinue reading “Blog #181 – Searching To Be Loved”