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Blog #45 – Are you in the know?

How do you know? If you do not know then uncertainty and chaos will take over. The world is in a state of entropy where disorder is the norm. There is always dishes to do, clothes to wash, things to clean because clean is not the norm. The universe is in complete disarray where nothing… Continue reading Blog #45 – Are you in the know?

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Blog #44 – Take the Pain Out

Often times the most painful thing is to start. To start playing an instrument. To start speaking a different language. To start writing a blog. To start working out. To start cooking at home more. To start being more vulnerable. To start saving money. To start your creative process. There is an unbelievable amount of… Continue reading Blog #44 – Take the Pain Out

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Blog #42 – The Gift of Freedom

Often in life we feel restricted or tied down. In our jobs, houses, relationships, contracts and finances. There is an obligation that we must meet. Because we are putting resources to that obligation the thing that we want to do is not available to us. "If it wasn't for _______ I would be doing _________!"… Continue reading Blog #42 – The Gift of Freedom

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Blog #41 – Trust the Process

Trust the process Trust the process Stop not trusting the process. If you have a creative process then you know what it is like to not trust the process. You know what it is like to over think and over analyze every little detail because things have to be perfect. The work is a reflection… Continue reading Blog #41 – Trust the Process

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Blog #40 – Let’s be Honest Here

Honesty and dishonest are a fork in the road. Each one goes to some place else. Once you chose one you are on that road. You will keep making that decision to stay on that road because if you want to chose the other road you will have to go all the way back to… Continue reading Blog #40 – Let’s be Honest Here

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Blog #39 – The Gut, The Heart, The Mind

There are many organs that people make decisions with. Each one has a unique feeling in your body telling you what the right decision is. Sometimes they fight with each other and you do not know which one to side with. We tend to side with one over and over again casting the others to… Continue reading Blog #39 – The Gut, The Heart, The Mind


Blog #38 – The Components of Change

Imagine being at the top of the Grand Canyon. Looking out and see the impressiveness of the Grand Canyon. The depth of the canyon is one of the largest in the world. The Grand Canyon did not appear out of no where. The Colorado River carves through the middle of the grand canyon. The water… Continue reading Blog #38 – The Components of Change

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Blog #37 – How to have ENDLESS ENERGY!

If your like most people then after the lunch hour and after we get home from work there is this drain of energy. We need a break. We don't want to do anything. We want to relax, take it easy or just watch tv. What if you didn't get tired? What if you were just… Continue reading Blog #37 – How to have ENDLESS ENERGY!

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Blog #36 – Life’s Golden Rule

Treat others the way you want to be treated. We all know this one and our taught it at a very young age but we all still need to be reminded. The other part that is not taught is that we should also treat ourselves the way we want others to treat us. There is… Continue reading Blog #36 – Life’s Golden Rule

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Blog #34 – The Hole that Gets Deeper

DEBTDefinition of debt 1: SIN, TRESPASS Forgive us our debts2: something owed : OBLIGATION unable to pay off his debtsmerriam-webster Debt has a certain feeling when you hear it. It makes your skin crawl like spiders walking up your legs. Debt is darkness and pure evil. Money is the first thing most people think of when they hear debt but there… Continue reading Blog #34 – The Hole that Gets Deeper