noiz viol8ion blog #443 – Make Your Groove

Groove by definition is a long channel or depression. Once you find your groove everything falls in place and everything becomes effortless. No matter what happens it just works. The groove make your path more enjoyable because you travel down it so often. It becomes familiar. It’s a needle in a record player. The upsContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #443 – Make Your Groove”

noiz viol8ion blog #415 – Break the Routine

For the last few years, I’ve been trying to instill routines and habits into my life. I have studied and looked up what it takes to easily install a habit. I have not done the opposite. What about all the terrible habits in my life? I have been getting the same results in my lifeContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #415 – Break the Routine”

Blog #276 – Make Your Habits and Soon your Habits will Make You

Installing a daily empowering morning routine is the best way to kick off your day. The first thing is to wake up early. If you wake up before everyone else then you already have a head start. Make you bed. Making your bed lets you start off your day with a win. Success builds onContinue reading “Blog #276 – Make Your Habits and Soon your Habits will Make You”

Blog #275 – What Got You Where You Are…

Will not get you to where you want to go. You may be on the right path but you must be willing to change and experiment with what you are doing. You must be instilling positive, empowering, and healthy habits that are going to improve the quality of live. I know that the world isContinue reading “Blog #275 – What Got You Where You Are…”

Blog #242 – Are you on Autopilot

Most of what you do on a daily basis you are on autopilot. When you wake up, snooze (or not) your alarm, drink coffee, drive to work, park in the same spot, go to your desk, the way you say hello, the way you respond when someone asks, “How are you?” , driving home, gettingContinue reading “Blog #242 – Are you on Autopilot”

Blog #211 – Don't do anything until you do this.

Fix yourself first. Do not worry about anything else but yourself at first. Just like in a crashing airplane, you are told to apply your own oxygen mask before helping others. The more you are able to handle your own business the more you will be able to give and contribute to others. Create goodContinue reading “Blog #211 – Don't do anything until you do this.”

Blog #193 – Patience until the Payoff

Be patient and your time will come. Keep doing the right things and soon all your hard work will pay off. If you are bettering yourself everyday and creating good habits then soon your life will be filled with good positive reinforcing habits. You are feeding your mind and tringin it to be great. YouContinue reading “Blog #193 – Patience until the Payoff”

Blog #185 – Rich Friends and Poor Friends

Notice the patterns between your rich friends and the poor friends. Success leaves clues and if you are aware enough then you will be able to pick up on the clues and adopt these habits into your own life Practice humility and seek out people who are better than you. People that can help youContinue reading “Blog #185 – Rich Friends and Poor Friends”

Blog #130 – The Lows Make The Highs

In life there will be plenty of low points but these are what make your high points so special. Feel the pain and let it sink in. Let the pain of the low points motivate you to work harder than you are now. The pain is temporary but the victories will last forever. Do notContinue reading “Blog #130 – The Lows Make The Highs”