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Blog #108 – Uncharted Territory

To do or be something else than what you are today then you must do things that you've never done before. This means stepping outside of your comfort zone. You have to start being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Going into this new territory there will be fear and uncertainty. There are a lot of unknowns… Continue reading Blog #108 – Uncharted Territory

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Blog #102 – Build as much Momentum as you can!

Once you start something keep with it everyday. The repetition is the best way to learn and grow. If you are not getting better then you are doing too much. Simplify the process until the repetition becomes boring and then simplify it some more. Take it all the way back to the basics and start… Continue reading Blog #102 – Build as much Momentum as you can!

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Blog #77 – Building a Snowball of MOMENTUM

Start. Finish. Repeat. Follow all the way through with your actions. Go 100% and do not leave anything left. Do not let doubts or fears slow you down. There will always be some sort of resistance but the most important thing is to keep making progress. Good work habits and good decisions will make this… Continue reading Blog #77 – Building a Snowball of MOMENTUM


Blog #54 – How to Change it Up

Too much of anything is not good for you. Not enough of something is bad for you. We are all creatures of habit. We do the things that we do and stick to it. We wake up and goto work at the same time. We take the same route to work. We do the same… Continue reading Blog #54 – How to Change it Up


Blog #52 – The You You Are Becoming

The only person that matter is the person you are becoming. Your actions and your habits are creating your future self. If you eat donuts everyday you are becoming fatter. If you are running everyday you are becoming a better runner. What do you want to be when you grow up? Who do you want… Continue reading Blog #52 – The You You Are Becoming

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Blog #44 – Take the Pain Out

Often times the most painful thing is to start. To start playing an instrument. To start speaking a different language. To start writing a blog. To start working out. To start cooking at home more. To start being more vulnerable. To start saving money. To start your creative process. There is an unbelievable amount of… Continue reading Blog #44 – Take the Pain Out

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Blog #41 – Trust the Process

Trust the process Trust the process Stop not trusting the process. If you have a creative process then you know what it is like to not trust the process. You know what it is like to over think and over analyze every little detail because things have to be perfect. The work is a reflection… Continue reading Blog #41 – Trust the Process

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Blog #4 – The Grind

The grind is a dangerous beast! It must be handled with extreme caution and planned out carefully.  It takes precedent over how you feel and what you want.  It takes the thinking out of your day and allows for freedom or captivity. The power of habits are incredible! Habits can be CONSTRUCTIVE or DESTRUCTIVE. To… Continue reading Blog #4 – The Grind