Blog #23 – Growth Takes Time

There are two ways to look at why people do things.

  1. Short Term – It is human nature to want things instantly for nothing. Everyone wants to win the lottery. Everyone wants to have a hit song. Everyone wants the one big break. They want the results without putting in the work. They want the quick change from a miracle pill that solves everything. I am guilty of wanting this too but this is not the path to get what you want.
  2. Long Term – This is not natural and must be trained and taught. I read that one of the biggest tests for success in kids is the marshmallow test. In the test, a marshmallow is put in front of a child and if they can wait 10 min to eat it then they will get two marshmallow’s. Short term pleasure is not as important as long term happiness. This means that you must do what will give you the best long term results and not leave your decisions up to the short term monkey mind.

2 thoughts on “Blog #23 – Growth Takes Time

  1. Loved the marshmallow test reference. I actually remember doing that with my kids when they were little.

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