Blog #66 – Creating Content. Quantity vs Quality?

All business and artists are media companies. Listen to GaryVee and he will tell you that this is the best time to be alive because marketing and advertising is so cheap. The gate keepers have been knocked down and everyone is on a level playing field. Social media has become the great equalizer giving even the smallest of people a voice in a crowded world. To take advantage of this opportunity you must create content. And lots of it!

The debate between quantity and quality is easy on the surface but not on the inside. Everyone can agree that the more you do something the better you will be at it. So why not do as much as you can? Why not release as many posts, songs, videos and blogs as you can? The answer is because you’re selfish. You’re thinking about how people are going to judge YOU because YOUR work is not good enough. You’re thinking about how YOU can do better and YOU will wait. Whatever it is you’re thinking about it’s all about yourself.

Be more selfless. Think about others and what they need. Think about how the content will help what they are going through. Think about others more because you are willing to do more things for other people than you are yourself.

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