noiz viol8ion blog #531 – Time Does Not Equal Quality

The longer you spend working on something does not mean that it will be better quality. Just because you spend 100 hrs working on a project does not mean that it will be 100 times better than a project you spent 1 hr on. There is no direct correlation to time and quality.

Blog #266 – Life is Like Jeopardy

The answers are all around us but we need to ask better questions to unlock better results. If you want a different result then what you are getting then you need to ask a different question. A quality question will open your mind to quality answers. You must ask the question and listen for theContinue reading “Blog #266 – Life is Like Jeopardy”

Blog #66 – Creating Content. Quantity vs Quality?

All business and artists are media companies. Listen to GaryVee and he will tell you that this is the best time to be alive because marketing and advertising is so cheap. The gate keepers have been knocked down and everyone is on a level playing field. Social media has become the great equalizer giving evenContinue reading “Blog #66 – Creating Content. Quantity vs Quality?”