Blog #162 – Better Decisions Better LIFE

Decisions will and have changed your life. Decisioin will continue to change the quality of you life. Deciscion will decide the direction of you life. When something happens to you you can DECIDE what to focus on and that will determine what you feel about that even. You decide what job you want and whether to accept the offer. You decide to turn down the offer and keep trying until you get what you really want.

Make your decisions so you have nothing to regret later.

Make OUTSTANDING decisions!

2 thoughts on “Blog #162 – Better Decisions Better LIFE

  1. I like this blog, decisions can be the hardest thing ever how do you personally make tough decisions that either option is viable but you need to choose one

    1. Decision making process to write down through process

      1. What are your outcomes you want? Prioritize the Order of these outcomes.
      2. What are your options?
      3. What are the Consequences. (UPS and downs sides)
      4. Evaluate the Probability. How likely is each to happen?
      5. Mitigate the downside.
      6. Resolve what your going to do.

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