Blog #212 – Questions for change.

To truly make a change you have to associate great pain with the staying the same and associate great pleasure with the desired situation.

Why is your current situation painful?

What would happen if you didn’t change?

What would happen if you did?

How will it affect others if you don’t change? How will it affect other if you do change?

How can you make this change as easy as possible?

What is stopping you from making this change?

What do you hope to get out of this change?

What action can you take to immediately begin this process?

What is the process?

What are the biggest challenges you will face?

What will happen if everything goes right?

How come you have not taken action before?

How will this change help other people?

How will not changing hurt other people?

What are you not willing to do?

Will changing be better than remaining the same?

What are you going to enjoy the most after you’ve changed?

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