noiz viol8ion blog #303 – Your Mess is Your Message

You may think what you are going through is your curse but in reality it is your blessing. The situation you are in is unique to you and many other people. If you make this your message then you will not only be helping yourself out but also the other unique people that are struggling with the same situation. You may find out that it is a bigger problem than you think and if you find a way to solve it then there is more opportunity. The more you care and the more sure you are that you are helping then the more your message will resonate. People do not buy your product they buy your cause and your story and your message. They should feel good about themselves for having participated or donated to a cause that is bigger than one person or one company. They want to see the unlimited potential and good that it will create. Have a message that is bigger than yourself and spread it.

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