noiz viol8ion blog #304 – Comfort in Uncomfort

I did a three day fast and it taught me a lot about myself and about life in general. The biggest lesson I learned is to be grateful. I am privileged and honored to live in the USA where our culture and society is so advanced that I do not need to worry about my basic necessities. On a daily basis I take for granted that we have running water, grocery stores, housing, farmers and easy access to any food I want. While others do, I do not have to worry about when my next meal is. I can go into the kitchen and get a clean and cold glass of water. The fast gave me a perspective about how I and other people live. The fast also taught me how powerful the mind and body are. Your body has urges and feelings but you can overcome them with your mind. You are in control of your life and if you take full responsibility of what you put in your body and what you feed your mind then you can control your destiny.

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