noiz viol8ion blog #639 – 3 Things to a Better Life

  1. Raise your level of standards. You get what you accept and if you don’t want much then you won’t get much. You must no longer tolerate things and say that you are fine when you are really not fine. Maybe your standard is fine. Raise the standard of feeling fine to feeling GREAT!
  2. Turn your SHOULDS into MUSTS. There are a lot of things that you should do but most of the time we don’t get around to all of our shoulds. The To-do list is prioritized with MUSTS at the beginning and SHOULDS at the end. If something is important to you then it needs to be raised to the MUST priority.
  3. Change limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. We all have a narrative for our own life story about why we can and cannot do things. Most of the reasons why we cannot do things are limiting and false. It’s your mind trying to keep you in your safe space. Empower yourself by freeing yourself from all the limiting beliefs.

These 3 things were gathered from @TonyRobbins teachings.

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