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Blog #149 – Road Map to Happiness

You must commit to live your life in a beautiful state and you must reinforce this commitment constantly. You will be tested throughout life so you must remind yourself what you want. Your mind is not designed to make you happy. It is design to make you survive. Your quality of life and your happiness… Continue reading Blog #149 – Road Map to Happiness

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Blog #125 – Feeling Down? Remember This

Do not be discouraged by anything. You are in control of you and what you do. You have the power. Do not fall into the the trap of a negative state and if you do have ways to get yourself out of it. Your body and mind are connected as one. Make sure your body… Continue reading Blog #125 – Feeling Down? Remember This

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Blog #123 – Every little thing is going to be alright

Don't worry about a thing,'Cause every little thing gonna be all right. Bob Marley Most of the things you worry about never end up happening. You are causing undue stress on your mind and wasting time that you could be doing something productive. Instead remember the "Serenity Prayer", enjoy yourself, have fun and be free.… Continue reading Blog #123 – Every little thing is going to be alright

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Blog #121 – What makes you Happy?

Do what makes you happy and keep doing it. Happiness is an art so if you find something that makes you happy then keep doing it. Do not put conditions on your happiness i.e. "If this happens...Then I will be happy." Everyone is different and there are big and small things that can bring a… Continue reading Blog #121 – What makes you Happy?

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The one thing I find more inspiring than anything is nature. Nature has a way of putting me in awe. Everything is perfect in nature. The sunset is a beautiful mosaic masterpiece in the sky everyday. The colors are swirled around in an amazing fashion. The beauty of the sunset makes me feel like I… Continue reading Blog #79 – INSPIRATION for FREE


Blog #54 – How to Change it Up

Too much of anything is not good for you. Not enough of something is bad for you. We are all creatures of habit. We do the things that we do and stick to it. We wake up and goto work at the same time. We take the same route to work. We do the same… Continue reading Blog #54 – How to Change it Up


Blog #53 – The Edge of Competence

Growth happens when you are over your head. The moment when you have no other choice but to step up. The pressure is on. The lights are shining in your face. There is no safety net. More than likely you are going to fail and that is why this zone is beyond our comfort zone.… Continue reading Blog #53 – The Edge of Competence


Blog #52 – The You You Are Becoming

The only person that matter is the person you are becoming. Your actions and your habits are creating your future self. If you eat donuts everyday you are becoming fatter. If you are running everyday you are becoming a better runner. What do you want to be when you grow up? Who do you want… Continue reading Blog #52 – The You You Are Becoming


Blog #51 – Let the Sun Shine Bright on You

When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.Paulo Coelho We all want great things to happen to us. We all have dreams. We all have things we want. We do not always get what we want but we always get what we need. Wanting something is not enough. There… Continue reading Blog #51 – Let the Sun Shine Bright on You