noiz viol8ion blog #693 – The Road Less Taken

Even before you were born there is a path already laid out for you. There are people like your parents pushing you in directions that you should go. These people may have different priorities in mind than you. Most likely their number one priority is your security. They want to keep you safe. Since these people have a huge influence on your life you listen to them and take their advice. You take their advice until you reach a point where you are at a place you don’t want to be. Here is where you have a choice on which road to take. Do you continue down the safe and secure path or do you take a chance on a path that will make you happy? If you begin to prioritize your happiness over security then your decision making process will change. Instead of thinking with your head you lead with your heart. Just know that whichever road you take you can be smart about the decisions you make.

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