noiz viol8ion blog #692 – How you do what you do.

There is my passion I pursue everyday and there is my work I get paid for. It is my goal to combine my passion and work. I can do this by adding more passion to my work or by adding more work to my passion. Anyone can do the former but the later is much more challenging. The first is a change in your attitude. This can be done by finding things you enjoy about your current work. What can you accentuate, get better at, and enjoy? Where can you place your focus to find more joy?

When adding more work to your passion you are adding things that you don’t like. This means learning more skills that are not your passion. Skills like making money, marketing, management, accounting, and other business skills. The better you are at business the more you can turn your passion into work.

Either way you have to know your worth, know where you want to be, learn and grow.

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