noiz viol8ion blog #432 – Sitting in Silence

One of the hardest things to do for me is to sit in silence. As soon as it gets silent I am looking for the easiest distraction. My distraction of choice lately has been my phone. Growing up it used to be video games, cartoons and playing sports. Maybe this is why I was neverContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #432 – Sitting in Silence”

Blog #269 – Creativity Comes When you are out of Ideas

As soon as you think you have exhausted all of your resources. As soon as you think there is nothing else you can do. As soon as your back is up against the wall and there are no more options. This is when you are the most creative. You have tried all your ideas soContinue reading “Blog #269 – Creativity Comes When you are out of Ideas”

Blog #127 – Stuck? LOOK Back

Revisit your past projects that you know are not finished and put the finishing touches on them. What is holding you up? Correct it and get it out the door! You may have learned something new since the last time you worked on this old project. You are in a different place now then whenContinue reading “Blog #127 – Stuck? LOOK Back”