Blog #30 – Are you an Amateur or Professional?

You choose!

Everyone starts out as an amateur but few people have the mindset to be a professional.

Amateur and professional have two completely different mindsets.

The amateur does it for fun. The amateur does it when they feel like it. The amateur is not consistent. The amateur will get around to it. The amateur has an excuse for why it didn’t work out. The amateur has something else going on that is more important. The amateur does not have a deadline. The amateur doesn’t know their worth. The amateur does it as a hobby.

There is only one way to turn professional you must decide. You must decide that you are a professional and are willing to accept the responsibilities of being a professional.

The professional does it because they have to. The professional is consistent. The professional does not have a choice. The professional shows up to work everyday whether they feel like it or not. The professional has deadlines they must meet. The professional knows their worth

The list continues but the key is to create professional habits and leave the amateur habits behind

“Do you remember where you were on 9/11? You’ll remember where you were when you turn pro.”

Steven Pressfield – Turning Pro

I suggest reading Steven Pressfield’s Turning Pro

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