Blog #31 – My Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey is a analysis of all the stories ever told by Joseph Campbell. In these most famous stories there are characteristics that they all share.

All of the stories are focused around one hero. This hero is living in his/her everyday life when all of a sudden there is a divine call to action. This call to action challenges the hero to leave behind everything they are comfortable with and go on a journey to the scary unknown. Once on this path there are many obstacles, enemies, fears and self doubt that must be conquered. Then after the quest the hero returns home a new person and shares the experience, wealth and knowledge gained from the trails and tribulations.

This is the basic format to all good stories.

You are the hero. Accept the call to action. Conquer the villians. Come home and share the wealth.

To learn more about the Hero’s Journey I suggest reading Joeseph Campbell’s The Hero with A Thousand Faces.

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