Blog #34 – The Hole that Gets Deeper


Definition of debt


Forgive us our debts

2: something owed : OBLIGATION

unable to pay off his debts


Debt has a certain feeling when you hear it. It makes your skin crawl like spiders walking up your legs. Debt is darkness and pure evil. Money is the first thing most people think of when they hear debt but there are other kinds as well. Money is just the easiest to keep track of. It’s a number and has an equation that can be mapped out over time with an interest rate. You can do the math and know exactly how much money you need to pay off your debt. The math is easy but people are hard.

The other kind of debt is social debts. Every time we have an interaction with someone are we giving or taking. Do we leave an impression or are forgotten. This feeling that we owe someone something and don’t know why. This invisible love that some people keep track of and some people don’t. This kind of debt is not a number and each person keeps the score different. When deep in this kind of debt you become untrustworthy, a liar, cheater, despicable. To get out of social debt there is no number or equation to calculate payments. The other person is not even receiving the payments because they are unaware of the debt in the first place. But even these debts can be payed once set terms are made.

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