Blog #33 – Noticing the Release

Life happens everyday and it keeps happening. More and more gets added to the to-do list causing more and more stress. Your calendar is full of fast approaching deadlines. Tension builds up throughout your body and you never realize it. Your jaw is clinched and the tongue is pressed up hard against the roof of your mouth. Eventually there is so much tension built up in the body and mind that it cannot take it any longer and you eventually snap. You explode on the innocent cashier or waiter who caught you on the wrong day. Or your body breaks down and you get injured.

No matter what tension is constantly added to our lives. It can be self induced or through circumstance. We can be unconscious of all of it building then we can be unconscious of when it’s going to be released. If we take a step back and notice how we feel then we are more prepared to notice when it is arising and how to release it. We relax our jaw, lower our shoulders, take a deep breath and let go.

When we notice when we are releasing the tension we are free.

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