Blog #207 – To get you have to give

The action of reciprocation is a powerful human instinct. If someone gives you something then you feel obliged to return the favor. The funny thing is that the person you give something to doesn’t even have to like you. If you give them something then they will likely return the favor in even greater value.Continue reading “Blog #207 – To get you have to give”

Blog #34 – The Hole that Gets Deeper

DEBT Definition of debt 1: SIN, TRESPASS Forgive us our debts 2: something owed : OBLIGATION unable to pay off his debts merriam-webster Debt has a certain feeling when you hear it. It makes your skin crawl like spiders walking up your legs. Debt is darkness and pure evil. Money is the first thing most people think of when they hearContinue reading “Blog #34 – The Hole that Gets Deeper”