Blog #47 – Check in and Begin again

Restart and do it again

Come back to where you were at.

When in the state of flow we are always going to get distracted. A thought will pop in your head or your phone will vibrate causing a chain reaction of distractions and wasted time. Sometimes the distractions are necessary but often times our lack of control follows the rabbit down the hole.

Check in with yourself. Where is your awareness?

Are you thinking about whats for lunch? or the feeling in your stomach when you are hungry? the sound of the air conditioner? a tickle on the bottom of your right foot? are you creating stories and conversations in your head when scrolling through social media? did you click on the ad and go shopping on Amazon? did you let youtube auto play the next video and 5 video’s later you get back to what you were doing?

No matter where your mind goes check in and begin again.

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